Agil und stabil - Veränderungen meistern

DDBR Consulting GmbH supports and advises people and organizations involved in change processes.

We come in when strategic decisions were made and conventional implementation methods aren’t helping anymore.

Turbulences arise when new structures, processes and responsibilities are not yet discernible. To facilitate both agility and stability in these situations is our key competence.

We establish orientation and the ability to navigate through times of change by focusing on fundamental values and by strengthening decision-making and responsibility. This results in maintaining entrepreneurial/ corporate activity until new structures, processes, and corporate culture are able to provide the necessary orientation and stability.

DDBR Consulting GmbH is based in Braunschweig, Germany, but operates nationally. It consists of four partners – Hendrikje Dickschen, Juliane Dickschen, Leo Buchholz, and Thierry Robert – as well as more than 10 associated experts.

DDBR Consultants distinguish themselves by their double experience, knowing both the inside and the outside perspective: partly decades of international executive and management experience combined with excellent organizational and systemic coaching educations and extensive coaching expertise over all hierarchical levels.

DDBR Consultants and associated experts have mostly been working together in multi-dimensional change and restructuring projects for more than 15 years.

Reasons for contacting us:

  • You would like to set up your company internationally
  • You’re planning to take over other companies or divisions and to integrate them within your organization
  • You are going to relocate activities
  • You are returning activities after relocating them
  • You are introducing lean management or you would like to vitalize it
  • You would like to strengthen your continuous improvement processes and to make them more sustainable
  • You are going to change the organization of your company, to split up or to restructure
  • You would like to develop your executives‘ leadership skills
  • You are planning mentoring programs to transfer knowledge within the company and to keep it
  • You would like to foster good working relationships within your company/ your department
  • You are facing a professional change or are looking for new challenges