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Management Team

Hendrikje Dickschen, DDBR Consulting GmbH

Hendrikje Dickschen

Dipl.-Soz.Päd. (diploma in social pedagogy), Social Management, Systemic interactive Coach (Artop/ Humboldt University Berlin), Business & Personal Coach (Barefoot Coaching Ltd./ University of Chester)

Managing Director of DDBR Consulting GmbH, Management and leadership experience, executive coaching, leadership development, crisis communication, support of restructuring measures, career coach, design of strategic and sustainable personnel development activities, design and implementation of EU-projects, lecturer at the university of applied sciences Magdeburg-Stendal, author of the career handbook “Vocation”.


Juliane Dickschen DDBR Consulting

Juliane Dickschen

MSc in Management (Mannheim University), BSc in International Business (Maastricht University), major in Finance, minor in Psychology

Managing Director of DDBR Consulting GmbH, Certified in Systemic Organizational Development, project management and financial planning, co-author of the career handbook “Vocation“.


leo buchholz DDBR Consulting

Leo Buchholz

Dipl.-Ing. Chemical Engineering, Systemic Coach, Basic Trainer in Positive Psychology, Master in NLP, non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy

Top management experience of many years in managing production and technical departments in the food industry, business and personnel consultant and coach, personnel and organizational development, support of change processes, career coach, expert in implementing lean management, project management of change processes.


Thierry Robert DDBR Consulting

Thierry Robert

MSc in Management (HEC Paris), Systemic Coach (Artop/ Humboldt University Berlin)

30 years of successfully supporting post-merger and acquisition integrations, restructuring, off-shore outsourcing and cross-border shared services; Executive management, then consultant and coach with major international companies in the manufacturing and maintenance industry, experienced practitioner and trainer in LEAN and continuous improvement processes , intercultural collaboration.



We are glad to present you our consultants:

Dr. Nilüfer Boysan-Dietrich, DDBR Consulting GmbH

Dr. Niluefer Boysan Dietrich

Intercultural Coach

Rainard Dörpinghaus, DDBR Consulting GmbH

Rainard Dörpinghaus

Coach and Communications consultant

Grit Eberhardt, DDBR Consulting GmbH

Grit Eberhardt

Intercultural Coach

Ute Franzen-Waschke, DDBR Consulting GmbH

Ute Franzen-Waschke

Intercultural Coach

Julie Heimlich, DDBR Consulting Gmbh

Julie Wiedemann

Psychologist & Consultant

Petra Kirsch DDBR Consulting GmbH

Petra Kirsch

Coach & Consultant

Susanne Krüger-Lampe, DDBR Consulting GmbH

Susanne Krüger-Lampe

Expert in HR Management

Mark Lampe, DDBR Consulting GmbH

Mark Lampe

Expert in HR Management

Thomas Lamsfuß, DDBR Consulting GmbH

Thomas Lamsfuß

Coach for Career and Competence Development

Yvonne Linssen, DDBR Consulting GmbH

Yvonne Linssen

Business psychologist, Coach & Consultant

Gerd Leinenweber, DDBR Consulting GmbH

Gerd Leinenweber

Coach & Consultant

Kalliopi Matsiridis, DDBR Consulting GmbH

Kalliopi Matsiridis

Coach & Consultant

Thomas Rösch, DDBR Consulting GmbH

Thomas Rösch

Visualisation & Consultant

Meike Schmigale, DDBR Consulting GmbH

Meike Schmigale

Coach & Consultant

Rostam Seddiq, DDBR Consulting GmbH

Rostam Seddiq

Coach & Consultant

Alice Wätjen



and others.

International Consultants

Una van Dorssen

Consultant & Coach

Michael Thomson

Consultant & Coach

Ann Waite

Consultant & Coach


In 2015,  Miriam Heckert supported our team as intern. We are glad that she will continue working with us as student assistant.



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